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About Rüeger

Expert in temperature and pressure measurement instruments since 1942, Rüeger is a swiss firm with a worldwide network. Offering a full range of sensors, thermometers, thermoelectric sensors, pressure gauges measuring high, low and differential pressure, Rüeger’s portfolio meets with the highest industrial standards in terms of quality, precision and safety. More than 30 certifications guarantee to satisfy the most demanding requirements. Expanding its catalogue, Rüeger is producing and developing tailor-made products in Crissier, Switzerland.

Rüeger’s new Customer Service
There is change at Rüeger’s Headquarters in Crissier. Mrs Sanja Petkovic has been working with us as Executive Assistant for over 20 years and took part in Rüeger's success.
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The new ThermoHybrid by Rüeger SA
Introducing the new ThermoHybrid, a high-precision temperature sensor for process applications.
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